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  • Durattract prides itself on being able to provide a large choice of lighting solutions to its customers.

  • Anything from light covers to large A2 size light boxes are available.

  • Durattract Plastics can also create lighting solutions made to the client's specifications from the best suited materials.
Modular Light Box
Modular Light Box
Lighting for A2 Poster Displays
A2 Poster Display
Cigarette Dispenser with Hi-Lighter
Gravity Feed Cigarette Dispenser with Hi-Lighter
Paint Colour Chart Floor Stand with lighting
Floor Stand (paint colour chart)
Taxi Light Box
Taxi Light Box
Rail System light
Estee Lauder - Rail System light
Cinique - Rail System light
Clinique - Rail System light
Clinique Lighting System
Clinique Rail System Light
Light Design for Woolworths
Woolworths' Rail System Light
Woolworths - Rail light design
Woolworths' Rail System Light
Woolworths - Rail light Design
Woolworths' Rail System Light

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