Design and Development Manufacturing Services DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES

  • Durattract employs qualified Industrial Designers and has a fully equipped state-of-the-art design studio.
  • This enables us to take a product from concept to design and development, through to production.
  • We can advise on all aspects from design possibilities, manufacturing methods and materials efficiencies.
Sunglass Stand
Counter Sunglass Stand
Battery gravity feed dispenser

  • Durattract pride themselves with involving clients at each and every stage, so that absolute satisfaction with the final product is guaranteed.

Within this design and development process there are a number of steps:

  1. There is the initial refinement of the clients brief into a Cost Estimation on the given item.
  2. On client approval, detail working drawings are produced.
  3. Thereafter - if required, prototypes can be produced.
  4. Additionally, before production can be initiated, first off samples are produced for client approval. This is done to ensure client satisfaction with regards to the final design before mass production takes place!
Industrial Design and Manufacture process
Presentation image of our proposed design - front
Industrial Design and Manufacture process
Presentation image of our proposed design - back
Industrial Design technical drawing
Technical Drawing of Component(s)

Design Prototype
Prototype made from fabricated items as well as grown model components. Items are grown to original model specs and this enables us to accurately access a design.
Manufactured Product
Final Product

Final Product

Presentation design
Presentation design for sunglass stand
Finished Product
Finished Product

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