Press and Drape Moulding PRESS MOULDING SERVICES

  • This is a process whereby a flat sheet of material is heated in an oven, clamped in a press and formed between two moulds.

  • This procedure caters for Press and Drape mouldings, specializing in cast and extruded Acrylics, but we can also mould various other materials including Polycarbonate and ABS.
Illuminated Signs
Illuminated Signage Letter - Shell
Moulded Signs
Moulded Signage - Toyota
Company Logo in lights
Illuminated Logo - Barloworld
  • This press moulding process is especially useful when large items are needed to be given 3D form. Examples are signage boards and illuminated signs.

  • The perspex sheeting is heated in ovens and then draped over a mould profile.

  • Pressure is exerted onto this profile mould using a hydraulic press and this creates the required shape.
Counter Top Hi-lighter
Cigarette Counter Top Hi-lighter
Counter Top Display
Domed Cigarette Counter Top Display
Advertising board
Pole mounted advertising board

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