Printing and Branding Services PRINTING AND BRANDING SERVICES

  • To complement Durattract’s under-one-roof service the following services are provided for those clients who may require printing on products manufactured for them:

    • Hot stamping,
    • Screen printing,
    • Pad printing and
    • Engraving
Printing Available on a Variety of Materials
Our printing processes explained:

  • Hot Stamping Process:  A plate with a mirrored image of the graphic/logo is heated and then applied to the face of the product with a metal foil. This foil acts as a sandwich filler. When heat is applied, the foil is imprinted into the face surface of the product, taking the shape of the graphic with it.

  • Screen Printing Process:  Colour is applied in varying layers, using a stretched silk screen mesh. A particular colour is squeezed through the screen's mesh onto the work surface (product) below.

  • Pad Printing Process:  This process is most often used when the surface to be printed is not flat e.g. curved. This method uses a flexible pad which can take on the shape of the surface to be printed.

  • Engraving Process:  Using a laser or a mechanical cutter, driven by a CNC machine, a word or logo can be etched into the surface of the finished product.

Colour Screen Printing
Full Colour Screening
Corporate Branding
Branded Edges on Point of Purchase Stands
Advertising Frames
Ad Screened directly onto Advertising Frame
Pad Printing
Pad Printing
Screen printed
Screen printed
Screen printed

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