• Vacuum forming is a process whereby a flat sheet of material is clamped onto a machine, heated and drawn over a mould.

  • We form all available sheeting including:
    • Polystyrene,
    • ABS,
    • Acrylics,
    • Polyethylene,
    • Polypropylene,
    • PVC,
    • Polycarbonate and
    • PETG.

  • Durattract manufactures its own moulds for vacuum forming and employs qualified patternmakers for this purpose.
Counter Display Unit
Counter Top Display Unit
Merchandising Display Unit
Counter Top Display Unit

Counter Top Display Unit
Counter Top Display
Counter Top Display Unit
  • Vacuum Forming is especially useful when high volumes are required. It is also ideal when multiple products are needed to be housed in a single container.

  • The process of making of a master mould, with all the required cavities that are needed for the final item, saves costs as opposed to fabricating the same item.

  • The process involves plastic sheeting held in a frame. Heat is applied to the plastic sheeting. At a set time, a vacuum, together with the mechanical movement of the table bed to which the mould is attached, forces the mould into the heated sheet, hence the plastic sheet taking on the shape of the mould.
Branded items
Vacuum Formed Clock
Vacuum Formed Display
Sunglass Stand
Card Display Stand
Card Display Stand
Counter Stand
Sunglass Counter Stand
Counter Stand
Counter Stand
Vacformed Cover Housing
Box for Quads
Top Box for Quads
Counter Display for Cosmetics
Vacuum Formed Counter Display for Cosmetics
Vending Trays
Vending Tray
Vacformed Fourcourt Display
Vacformed Forecourt Display

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