Merchandising Shelf Accessories SHELF ACCESSORIES

  • The Rail and Divider System is a merchandising solution designed and developed by Durattract.

  • The system is modular and allows for a variety of options.

  • These include end-talkers, wobblers, headers and card holders.

  • Each system may be customized to meet the individual client's requirements.

Rail and D-display System
Rail and Divider Stand
Rail and 40mm Divider with Back Spacer
Branded Merchadising Display Stand
Rail and 20mm Divider with "D" Display
Card Holder
Rail Divider with Header,
Wobbler and Card Holder
Rail and Divider Stand
Rail and 100mm Dividers
Pull Forward System
Pull forward system
can be used with the
Rail and Divider System
Curved Insert
Rail with Optional Curved Insert
Flat Insert
Rail with Optional Flat Insert
Display Shelving
Flat Insert
Rail System
Display Rail System
Rail System for Merchandising
Various lengths and combinations available as well as spring strengths to suit the product being dispensed.
Hanger Clip
Hanger Clip

- Best way to display / hang your products
in a cost-effective method.
- Available in any colour (quantity dependant).
- Punches its own hole in thin plastic and paper.
- Easily attached and detached.
- Integrated clip for ease of use.

Plastic Hook
Plastic Euro Hook

- Plastic Euro Hook can hang your products
in a cost-effective method.
- 4 lengths available: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250mm.
- Reinforced with a steel rod and fits a standard peg board.
- Diffferent colours to suit your product or company.

Card Holder
Card Holder
Woolworths' Rail System Light
Woolworths' Rail System Light
Clinique Rail System Light
Clinique Rail System Light

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